Lee Bowyer accused referee of being ‘horrendous’ in Charlton’s defeat against Swansea City

Charlton director Lee Bowyer has been served using a three-match ban for accusing referee Peter Bankes of”looking after his partner from his academy days” following Charlton’s defeat to Swansea City, the FA has confirmed.
From the reasons for Bowyer ban, the FA said how Bankes stated in his match report that at the game’s conclusion he had been approached with the Charlton manager, who questioned his integrity.
“You’re absolutely horrendous you tonight. I bet you are pleased. I see you looked after your partner from your academy days tonight,” Bowyer has been quoted as stating, before copying the allegation in the tunnel.
In regards to the Commission, Bowyer said he was speaking to Swansea City manager Steve Cooper before this match before Bankes participated in a friendly and long conversation with Cooper.
At the end of his discussion, the Swansea manager turned to Bowyer and stated”don’t worry we’re not best mates, so he just used to perform all our Academy games”.
Bowyer was given two preceding sanctions in the past 14 weeks: a #1,000 fine after his side’s defeat to Peterborough in August, and a #1,750 nice following their win at AFC Wimbledon in February when he had been fined #1,750 and received a three-game touchline ban.
The Charlton boss said that his opinions were only intended to be more”sarcastic” and it was not his intention to indicate that Bankes had intentionally made conclusions in Swansea’s favour.
The Commission explained that the two charges suggested that Mr Bowyer had not learned respect for officials and also the incidents could get to the purpose of a prohibit along with a #6,000 nice.
But seeing Bowyer’s entrance, real apology as well as the mitigation factors, the Charlton boss had his sanction.
Bowyer can pay a fine and will stand out games against West Brom, Bristol City and Derby County, and should function as ban.

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